…and then lied about it for the next two years.

After a long day, I came home to this…

a pleasant supplies.

a pleasant supplies.

It reads…


Sorry I ate your dinosaur cookie from Bishop and then lied about it for the next two years.  I got you this replacement from Pendl’s*.  It’s technically a tea cake, but it’s the best I could do.

Looove You,

You must be thinking, “Ohhh, how sweet.  That Anna girl is a doll”… but, NO!  You’re forgetting why I am now receiving this dinosaur tea cake.

Two years ago, Anna and I traveled to my favorite place on earth.  [Yosemite, California.]  We climbed, danced, drank, swam, climbed, danced and [most importantly] visited the best damn bakery in the whole wide world: Schat’s.

There, my favorite bakery, I found the most amazing thing:  A dinosaur sugar cookie with green icing and Sour Patch Kid candies on top.

You must be thinking, “Gross”… but, WRONG!  “Awesome” was the word you were looking for…

Dinosaurs = Favorite Animal.

Sugar Cookies w/ Icing = Favorite Cookie.

Green = Favorite Color.

Sour Patch Kids = Favorite Candy.

This Cookie = Mind-Blowingly Awesome.

Naturally, I bought it.  But I was so amazed by it that I couldn’t eat it… not just yet.  So, I saved it.  I saved it “for a really bad day… then I’ll eat it and it will be the best day of my life.”

It traveled from California back to Wyoming with me.  I would constantly check on “THE cookie”.

I set it in an assumed safe place in the kitchen and went about my normal life.

It wasn’t but three days after coming back from our trip that I had a bad day.  It was time for THE cookie.

I went to the safe place, looked to my white paper bag… became terrified when I picked it up… THE BAG WAS EMPTY.  Only the crumbs of the happiest cookie on earth remained.

I kindly consulted my many roommates…


– What?  What happened?  It’s not there??


– I dunno… I didn’t… [this was repeated in rounds by them all.]

I was so upset.  In the end, I think they convinced me that mice might’ve had their way with it… but I was still pretty skeptical that a mouse crawled INTO the bag, ate the WHOLE cookie and then crawled back out and CLOSED the bag.

Later, I confided in my lovely roommate, Anna…

– I’m still upset about that dinosaur cookie mishap a year ago…

– Yeah, I really think Chris ate it.

– Really?!  That bastard…

– Yeah… bastard…

So, I finally let it slide… I think I finally got over it when I got to have another dinosaur cookie the next year… during my next visit to Schat’s.

Turns out, Anna actually ate the cookie… she was SO good at hiding it!  Apparently, she got home one night STARVING and just could not resist the T-Rex cookie… Can you blame her?  YES.  But will you still accept this cookie as payment?  Well, of course… it’s deluscious.

And it goes amazingly with ginger beer…

what?  ain't nothin' wrong with a graphic designer who gets paid in ginger beer.

what? ain't nothin' wrong with a graphic designer who gets paid in ginger beer.

*Pendl’s is my favorite Teton Valley bakery… and AND they serve flat whites.

this isn’t that hard.

Today was a fabulous day.  Fabulous and action packed… so much going to do!*  Dabz and I did Old Bill’s Fun Run here in Jackson and then quickly went to work as Dan Long’s support crew, as he was Anna Davis’ support crew.  Anna rode in LOTOJA today.  [that’s a 206 mile bike race.]  Yeah, she’s a hardass.

go anna!

go anna!



I knew the day was going to be great early on.  I lined up for the 10k I was about to run, when a few little children lined up next to me.  [p.s. you know you’re a serious competitor when 8 year olds are lining up next to you in a foot race.]  So, the countdown begins, “10… 9.. 8…” and so on, you know the drill.  The gun fires, the race starts.  It’s all crowded, but soon enough we all spread out… children still pretty close to me.  I’d say we’re about a whole 45 seconds into the race when I hear one of the little boys turn to one of the little girls and say, “This isn’t that hard!”

Ha.  Awesome.

Yeah!  You’re right… it really isn’t.

*That was a typo.  It was going to be either “so much to do!” or “so much going on!”… but the typo actually works better… “so much going to do!”  We really did have a lot of going to do.

best reckignize.

Update:  My friend is srrrrrsly famous: http://arieff.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/10/competing-for-a-cause/

My favorite school in Teton Valley just got some WAY exciting news…


HUGE shout out to my favorite Victorite, the woman who makes the magic happen: EMMA.

People doing what they love, kicking ass at it and helping out… contributing… loving… advocates of true community.  That’s what I like to see.  Makes me wanna jump up and down… so excited… so proud of people like that succeeding… gettin’ reckignized.  Congrats, Emma!

[my tiny contributions…]

tvcs flower by moi.

tvcs flower by moi.

[and, one of my most random/favorite things…]

section eight goat by moi.

section eight goat by moi.

Enjoy your day.


For those that don’t know or remember, I work with mentally disabled adults… and they are precious…

[talking casually with people at work about christmas, when Larry [age 74] chimes in…]

– I don’t believe in Christmas.

– You don’t believe in Christmas?

– [very disgruntled] No, I don’t believe in it!

– What about Santa Claus?

– [long pause…] I believe in him sometimes.

[i love my job.]

i got nothin’ to worry about.

There are some random things in life that I love more than I can explain… but I’ll try to convey this one…

Scratchy radio.

I love it.  Listening to good songs on a station that sounds like you’re just barely getting it… like you’re lucky to have this listen… like it’s telling you, “Remember the amazement of radio waves”… like you’ve gone back in time and have these few minutes before you have to go back to the real world.

I looked back to my journal today… an entry from about a month ago…

“Scratchy radio.  Listening to the live, whole ‘Chutes Too Narrow’ album on NPR.  The sunny morning, in Bobby’s old car, by the river, with Bobby, me in a dress, smiling, just being, listening to scratchy radio.  It was perfect.  So perfect.  I couldn’t stop smiling.

Scratchy radio.  Turned on the radio today at work.  It was that ‘run yourself a million miles’ song that I got on a mix from Nic.  Gosh, it made me smile.   The scratchy radio, barely coming through, bringing me back.  Precious times.  Brought me back to running in Yosemite.  The valley loop, the fresh smells, seeing bears, being terrified, running faster, with a stupid grin, El Cap in gold, Half Dome in pink.”

Then today.  Oh, today.  Wanted to go for a long run out on the Elk Refuge… where I truly fell in love with Jackson three years ago…

Diana and myself camping in Curtis Canyon.

diana and myself camping in curtis canyon via 2006.

i can honestly remember the instant i fell for this place.

i can honestly remember the instant i fell for this place.

Today, I’m driving out there… to the site of our first real affair… when the radio is turned to a station that comes in just clear enough…

Scratchy radio.  Peter, Bjorn and John.  Oh man, how Anna and I used to wait until the boss left the office at Alpinist, just so we could call the radio station and request those guys… then turn our radios up LOUD.  How happy it made us to sing loud, dance hard and smile big… until our fun-spongue of a boss came back.  This song.  How it might be my new favorite.  How it’s just too perfect right now… AND it’s being heard via scratchy radio…

[i love it.  i love it all.]

[here’s the actual broadcast i listened to… but it was more special… cuz it was scratchy… http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104435061]

exciting things.

Exciting Thing #1:

I found this today… and it made me super happy.  Scavenger hunts rule.

"It's on open land. This one's a challene you must "dig it up."

"It's on open land. This one's a challene you must "dig it up."

I think it’s so precious… and I will also be digging up often on open land soon.

Exciting thing #2:



The Snaz encourages you to get your fun on.  If you’re lucky enough to live in Jackson, you’ll have to attend this little bash.  If for no other reason, you should go just because I heard some hottie designed the flyer.

Exciting thing #3:

I heard this song in the car with some clients from work and remembered how much I LOVE it.  So we cranked it up and I got a little car-dance-party started.  Twas awesome.

mail time.

My friends, Casey and Sheena [married folk], rule.

They sent me a sahweet little care package… including Season 5 [that’s right] of The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… Season 1… I don’t know what that is… but I’m assuming it’s awesome cuz Shasey [their new celeb name] is [are?] awesome.

And I’m currently enjoying another part of their sweet package… peach tea in a purdy new mug.  It gets a thumbs up from me.



Thanks so much guys.

And while I was checking my mail today, I decided I have a crush on the guy who had my PO box before me.  Today he got the Men’s J.Crew catalog and the Patagonia Alpine Fall 2009 catalog.  But I’m pretty sure he’s not around… cuz I sure get a lot of Law School brochures for him too.  [sometimes i think life is mocking me.]