who knew natalie portman could dance so happily?

Seriously.  I dare you to watch this and try not to be so smiley happy.

[thanks, Ashe.]

And, p.s., does anyone have a least favorite song ever?  Cuz I think mine would have to be “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison.  Correction: My least favorite song is “Brown Eyed Girl” by every college-aged, guitar-playing, hipster that ever sat in my living room, in the quad or at that coffee shop’s/bar’s open mic night… but from those [constant] renditions, I have a new-found disliking for any version of the song.  Over it.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have brown eyes.

Yes, “Brown Eyed Girl” or anything by Shaggy.

16 thoughts on “who knew natalie portman could dance so happily?”

  1. Kid Rock: All Summer Long
    Hate it hate it hate it. Ripped off genius Warren Zevon’s Werewolves in London chord series (it’s identical. come on, have we run out of combinations???), also tries rhyming “things” with, oh my gosh this is amazing, “things!” AUGH! Open up my head and stir my brain up with a spoon! And the radio stations play it all the time, and the first few parts make me think “Ah! Are they playing my beloved Zevon???” only to be crushed by the horrible song that I hate. I actually changed radio stations because I figured out which one plays it less often. That has to be my least favorite song.

  2. weird. As I was listening to the radio today in traffic I was pondering this exact question. I would have to go with Low Rider by whoever that is. I HATE that song. It’s so repetitive and stupid. Da da da da DA da da da da da. Makes me crazy.

  3. oh man, abs… GOOD. CALL. wasn’t there some uncle kracker song with sherryl crow? that’d be close to my least favorite.

    k$, haha… i’ve never thought about how much i don’t like that song, but i think it’s really funny to picture you riding around hating it. oh man… gotta love those denver radio stations.

    and momma, i think i’ve figured out that your comment meant that you don’t like “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison either… but at first i thought it read that you didn’t like “‘The Eye Song’ by N*Sync”… which kind of made me laugh… and try to recall “the eye song”… because i know i made you listen to a lot of N*Sync back in the day…

  4. Least favorites=
    1) Achy breaky heart
    2) Love shack
    3) “Say what you need to say” song by John Mayer

  5. Phil Collins will always sit shotgun in the DG blender of hate, for “Coming in the Air Tonight” or whatever it’s called. And the fact that you still can’t go in a Wallmart or Petsmart or KMart without hearing it only adds salt to my wounded ears.

    Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart makes me want to rip out my own heart whenever I hear it.

    But probably my least favorite song has to be Tom Cochrane’s Life is a Highway. Holy Hell how I hate that song. Funny thing is, I was trying to remember this song last night, when I first saw this post, but had so effectively banished this song from my head that I could not, for the life of me, remember it, and googling “blonde moron singing in the desert” somehow didn’t help. But this morning, the moment I woke up, I mumbled, “Life is a Highway, I wanna ride it all night long.” And then cursed. Thanks.

  6. Brittnee,

    1. understandably.
    2. OMG, YES. cannot stand it.
    3. interesting… such a new song to call an all-time hate… i pretty much agree though.


    i actually laughed out loud because i’ve had very amazing dance time experiences with the first two…

    “In the Air Tonight”? by Phil Collins? awesome. i think i even have a blahg post on here about my love for it…

    and “Total Eclipse of the Heart”? i mean, it’s nobody’s favorite… but don’t you like rocking out hard in kind of a ridiculous way to it? like that picture of us on whaley’s site from her “Last Days in Jackson”… THAT’S from a “Total Eclipse of the Heart” moment… and it was magical.

    and oh, Tom Cochrane… is anyone out there a The Office watcher? remember that episode where Micheal, Holly and Darryl are road tripping and “Life is a Highway” comes on the first time and they’re PSYCHED and singing so loud… and then the song comes on again… and again… and again… and by the last time they’re just sitting there looking like they wanna kill themselves. ha. i guess the song has that affect on some people.

  7. least favorite song numba one: john mayer, “your body is a wonderland”

    seriously? gag me. no, wait, you don’t need to. i already barfed. twice.

  8. oh man dabz… i guess i’ll have to take that off of your “so glad we’re roomies!” mix i made you… awwwwwkward.

    jk, who LIKES that song? seriously?? …besides andy bernard. [aka the “nard dog”.]

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