rightness in the randomness.

After a long day at work, I just had to get out, get up, wake up.  So, I left at 9:20pm for my hike up Snow King [our local, little, steep, mountain].

– You’re leaving now?  You’re really going?

– Yeah, I gotta.  If I’m not home by morning, assume I was eaten by a mountain lion but tell my family I put up a good fight.

It was good.  Dark, stars, music, heavy breathing, decompressing.  My headlamp, my iPod, my thoughts, the mountain and me.

And my iPod on shuffle [the only way I go these days… searching for rightness in the randomness] was pretty good to me.  It played songs that made me smile, laugh, remember, swell, breathe and forward.  Yep, forward a lot towards the end.  It usually leads to a dead iPod… didn’t want a dead iPod.  So, I promised myself no more forwards.  I’d deal with what I had on my own device.

Then I’m hiking down… happy, refreshed, trying not to slip, thinking…

Fun, fun, fun… Hiking at night is fun… No, I’m not scared of scary animals… Fun, fun, fun…
Wow, this trail has a lot of horse poo on it…
And all the sudden it’s a lot skinnier than I remember…
I’m on a horse trail.
I’m sure this goes to where I parked my bike…
Yes, I’m sure…
Hiking, hiking, hiking…
Omg, glowing eyes… I see glowing eyes…
This is how I’m going to die.
“I’m so sorry for your loss.  How did Rachel die?”
“Oh, well she was a dumbass and got eaten by a mountain lion.”
No, too small for a mountain lion… a fox!
Oh, a cute fox…
Okay, Rach, you’re still mildly lost on the easiest trail in Jackson…
Screw this, I’m walking straight down this mountain.
Don’t fall, don’t fall… Just get down…
Oh man, is this Sting??
Why do I have Sting on my iPod??
Can’t forward… iPod will die…
Where did I even get this??  I mean, The Police?  Yes.  Sting?  No.
Don’t trip.  Don’t fall.
Did I get this from my dad?
Does my dad listen to Sting?
No.  No.
This is the worst.
No, this is not the worst… I was not eaten by that fox…
That would be the worst.
Don’t fall.
Don’t trip.
There we go.
Hello, Blue Thunder.  [the bike’s name.]
Let’s go home.

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