Soon I will have a gallery of previous banners… because there have been many.

And yes, no banner will beat the Mary Poppins one… but how bout them robots?

You like?

4 thoughts on “isssanotherbanner!”

  1. i especially like purpely robot on the left waving to me. he’s real cute.

    i will call him Rutager.

  2. aw, yes. i like the bot with the boombox or cassette purse. or it might be another robot’s head. such violence.

  3. This is awesome. And this is what I hope to learn how to do in school. Shoulda stayed in JH, and gone to the RLMS school of Luv&Design.

  4. i wish someone would pay me to design roboty things.

    dabz, rutager is a killer name.

    abs, it’s a boombox inside a cassette purse that was actually made out of a robot’s head… reduce, reuse, recycle.

    whales, the RLMS School of Luv&Design is currently taking applications. i believe you’d be a shoe-in… but it’s based out of jackson, wyoming… namely the streamside condos. but you don’t want to miss it… the whole first semester is all Luv.

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