our neighbors think we’re crazy.

So, yes, I was home in Texas for a whole second.  Literally, a few days.  Heading back to the hills tomorrow… early… with my pops.

I love my family.  SO much.  This photo montage is us trying to take a family picture with the self-timer…

"wait, ryland's too far away."

"wait, ryland's too far away."

"okay, let's switch places."

"okay, let's switch places."

"good?  we good?"

"good? we good?"

i really don't know.

i really don't know.

well... see, i still don't know.

well... see, i still don't know.

"is that good?  almost?"

"is that good? almost?"

"oh, that's almost it!  one more... closer."

"oh, that's almost it! one more... closer."

"yay... okay, no more."

"yay... okay, no more."

things happening.

I larve this song…

…and I’m about to be in the city where that ridiculous video was made.  [!!!]

I designed a new banner for my friend’s blahg: PleaseHappy.

it's purdy.

it's purdy.

My pops is coming to Jackson!  And we’re going to fish…

that's about right.

that's about right.

Exciting times.

you know you’re moving up in the world when old men in cars holler at you…

[as i’m walking into the post office… a very backwoods voice comes from a car…]

– Hey!  Now where you find that buffalo medallion you got?

mentioned medallion.

mentioned medallion.

– Oh, ummm… My best friend got it for me… in New York City.

– Hahaha, New York City…

– No, seriously.  That’s where it’s from.

– Hahaha… Yeah… Right… a buffalo from New York City.  Okay…

– [awkward laughter] Hehe… Yeahokaythat’swhereit’sfrombye.

bobble for me.

It’s amazing that no matter how crazy it gets [how crazy you get, how crazy i get], the morning refreshes.  And it’s awesome how sitting down at this funny machine, listening to some ridiculous music, dancing a little bit [head bobbles], make me smiling a part of my good good morning.

Bobble for me…

And go see this movie…

Opt for reading this amazing book, over seeing the crappy movie…

And only go see this movie if it’s at an amazing drive-in and you get to sit on an inflatable couch and drink milkshakes…

Love you all.

brighter, richer, deeper.

Had a very real dream last night.

Friend was crying, scared of their new life, their move, missing their friends, said it was too hard.

I told them to embrace the hard, dark times because when joy comes again, it will be brighter, bliss – richer, love – deeper.

Woke up, craving Australia.

Wanted to have a cupcake and a flat white [a coffee drink i’ve only found in oz].

Craving a flat white like carazy.  Weird.

Later on, at a bakery I just had to see, I scan the menu and see [whaddya know] a flat white.

Crazy.  Never seen those on a menu in the States… let alone Driggs, Idaho.

The taste brought me back.  Made me peaceful about it all.  Right.

Told my ever-so-wise buddy about the craving, the obtaining.

Her words:  Wow, that’s how you know you’re where you should be… stuff like that.

Yes and yes.

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks.

Joy has been brighter, bliss – richer, love – deeper.

I am exactly where I should be.

[so, flat whites are almost equally as good… but ginger beer here?  not so much…]

not at all.

not at all.

“hi. yes, i promise i’m 24.”

A funny/sad story…

Saturday, I was stressing about work I had to get done… told a friend I probably couldn’t socialize, couldn’t hang, but he didn’t take “no” for an answer and I agreed to go to the Art Fair for a whole second.

And I’m so glad I did.  Twas awesome.  I bought a cool print of the cookie monster for our kitchen, fell in love with some jewelry by Portland artists that I couldn’t afford, ate my weight in kettle corn and hung out with Dabs… holler!  Dabney was running the kids’ face-painting booth, so [naturally], I had her paint a dinosaur on my cheek.  It was spectacular.

So, when all was seen, enough music was heard and I had something for the walls of our kitchen, I decided it was time to head back to work.

I have to get out, sit somewhere, to work harder, better, faster.  [stronger.]  So, I went to a local coffee shop to sit and work.  After a couple hours, I became a bit distracted by a bit of eye-candy that was milling around.  A very cute guy was putting up his artwork on the walls for an upcoming show.  I didn’t pay all that much attention at first… but then I noticed him looking my way…

No, no… It’s nothing… He’s not looking at me.  Okay, yes, he is definitely looking at me… Ohp, and again!  Here he comes… Oh man, he’s coming my way…

We small-talked about his photography, his show, not much… He mainly wanted to measure the wall I was sitting next to.  Then he walked back across the cafe but still relentlessly looked at me.

Now, this being the first time in almost a year that a good-lookin’ guy [in the same room as me] has given me the stare-down, I started to get a bit giggly on the inside.  [i don’t care.  i’m not sorry.]

We exchanged some special glances and then it was time for me to go.  I packed up my stuff, walked out, he looked over, waved, and me [being the most awkward girl in the world] didn’t actually say “bye”, but some how mouthed it in an uncomfortably slow-motion sort of way.  As awkward as the parting ways was, I was still kinda psyched…

I stepped outside, started walking towards my bike, sporting a huge smile.  I glanced in a shop window on the way and immediately stopped.  The smile disappeared from my face as I stared at my reflection and said to myself… out loud…

“Son of a bitch, I have a dinosaur on my face.”