a disappointing anniversary.

3 thoughts on “a disappointing anniversary.”

  1. Happy Anniversary! and thanks for sharing about your relationship! It’s inspiring to see couples that are still happy when all the news in the world is about divorce and unhappiness. You know I read a great book that helped me evaluate my relationship with my man and rediscover the prince that I married. There’s even a cool, easy contest that goes with it, you should check it out so you can win a vacation with your man! http://www.toadtoprince.com.

  2. dear nixong,

    first of all… awesome name you got there.

    secondly, THANK YOU! you’re too sweet…

    i’m so glad my relationship with my climbing partner could inspire you so. dan long and i ARE happy… we got outta the park in under eleven hours, escaping the rain, and had just about the most lovely day. no divorce or unhappiness there.

    as tempting as your toad book sounds, i don’t think i need to evaluate my relationship with dan… he’s still the prince i climbed with all of two years ago… the honeymoon phase is still going strong. plus, i still have the harry potter series to finish… i’ll put your book on a list… yes, some sort of list…

    and i’ll pass on the contest to win a vacation with my man [aka climbing partner]… we’ll just go back into the mountains together again sometime soon. thanks, though!

    you know nixong, we really don’t talk anymore… i feel like i don’t even know you… it’s heartbreaking.

    rachel… yep, that’s my name.


    yeah, i’m pretty sure it’s spam.


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