a testing of waters.

7 thoughts on “a testing of waters.”

  1. This blog should be dedicated to our 4 years in college together.

    A tear filled “Everyone hates me!” from rachel, the first time she drank. But I dont think this one was a secret, if I remember correctly almost all of Mexico heard that cry.

  2. oh my gosh… yes.

    “It wasn’t my fault! Anthony hip-checked me into the road! Anthony hates me! Justin hates me! Bobby hates me! You’re the only one who likes me, Brittnee…”

    oh mexico.

  3. that is a superbly beautiful book. i had almost forgotten about it myself… now i might have to reread it. eggars book of short stories called how we are hungry is also great.

  4. Hello,

    Do you know which page in the book the quote can be found on? Am trying to find it but can’t!

    Thank you for any help


  5. justin // don’t know how I just discovered your comment. I have looked and searched and tried to recall, but I cannot figure out what page/chapter that quote is from. if you have found it, please let me know!

    I guess I’ll just have to read this wondrous book again.

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