okay, recession… cut it out.

4 thoughts on “okay, recession… cut it out.”

  1. oh casey, i love you and do love your entertainment.
    don’t give up!
    p.s. sorry i never replied to [or posted] your last “song of the week”. gimme a new one! i need new music in my life.

    and i love all yall’s blahgs… sorry… this was a late night [couple drinks deep] post.

  2. Yeah, really. I have tried to post every day. With no comments, though! And, admittedly, I’m at a loss for what to post today, for my days revolve around an eight-month-old. Sometimes, I throw a dog and cat in there. Mostly, coffee and baby. I could write about how many things I can carry while also carrying the baby. Or how many kids songs I sing on Repeat every day. Or, how good I am at loading fancy dishwashers. … I don’t know how my parents did it with three. … I guess that’s why the mommy blogs are so hot right now. It’s all I think about and I’m just a babysitter. Boring, fo sho.

    Maybe I’ll start writing about my dreams. I can be wild there. …

  3. i have always wondered if people would be impressed by how many things i can carry whilst holding a baby. i think we should start an olympic event.

    keep on keepin’ on… sorry to be debbie downer… i love you all.

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