writing to reach you.

2 thoughts on “writing to reach you.”

  1. OO! I have a story! Had to wrack my brain a bit.
    Last Sunday I was at work (teaching Sunday School to the 3-4 year old class at my local methodist church) waiting for everyone to come in and get settled. I noticed that the four boys in the room had invented a game all by themselves. They took a coffee can full of five or so baseball-sized soft rubber balls and dumped them in the basketball goal. Then everyone but the dumper would grab as many balls as they could. Once all the balls were gathered, they’d put them in the coffee can. The one holding the coffee can would then shout “YAY!” and point at each one and say “You won!”
    Then I noticed that if one of them was slow to get a ball, one or more of the others would give him one. And then I noticed they were taking turns holding the coffee cup. At one point the girl in the room (doing a puzzle) and I (helping her) pushed one of the balls over to them so they could get it, and they included us in the winners’ circle!
    Yes, my room had become a utopian society. It was amazing. It made me so happy and I told all their parents when they picked the kids up.

    That is my happy story. It would be even better if you knew how cute these kids are. Also, whenever I ask one of them how they are today, they say “I’m Lucas” and then they all jump in “I’m Collin!” “I’m Jaxon!”

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