this found happiness throughout.

9 thoughts on “this found happiness throughout.”

  1. dude. so lucky. that literally means you will have had 3 summers in a row – american summer in august 08, australian summer in jan 09 and american summer in august 09. I ENVY YOU.

    we must catch up before you leave the country. let me know, k?

  2. oh my goodness Dabz, that is the best YouTube video I think I have ever seen. I want to be one of those people real bad.

  3. casey [and sheena?]: woohoo, indeed.

    abs: YOU make me happy. seriously. i’m saving that baby bottle pop for a VERY special day.

    cyndi: i know… i’m pretty psyched to be going back to summer.

    dabz, britt:

    have you ladies seen this? cuz it should change your life.

    an unbelievable amount of love,

  4. britt: yeah. forealz.

    i have seen that. it warmed my heart. srrsly.

    but “do re mi” holds an extra special place in my heart.

    also, can you do the “six degrees of kevin bacon” between that clip and your blahg? i can.

  5. wait, dabs… starting with that clip and ending with my blahg? i’m confused. does it involve other people’s blahgs? cuz then i’m less confused…

  6. sorry. i didn’t make that fully clear. i meant the “do re mi” clip. and it has nothing to do with kevin bacon. only the game. and it certainly doesn’t take seven degrees.

    here we go:
    “do re mi” was sung by julie andrews in the sound of music.
    julie andrews also played mary poppins.
    you are like mary poppins. but with more curse words. and fashion glasses.

    ta da!

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