i follow my heart…

5 thoughts on “i follow my heart…”

  1. Hallelujah! That is wonderful news. I am so glad that you were able to find some help through friends. I am sorry it all had to go down like this but there is a reason for everything. And now you don’t have to get deported! WOOHOO! Are you going to move back to Jackson? You should come visit around July 20th and see our little Dylan. You can be our nanny, but don’t eat all our Nutella and we are going to need you to work all Holidays and we will “forget” to pay you but your used to that so no problem.

  2. Well, I vote for you coming to Birmingham… but what do I know?
    (Couch-shmouch – we’ve got a spare bed for you… think about it.)

  3. I knew you’d be okay. If you find yourself in the DFW for some odd reason we have a guest bedroom.
    I still want to punch their faces in.

  4. Rach, I know it is still hard but I am relieved you will be surrounded by friends who love you. And if you ever want to try out a different Jackson in the near future, like ya know, Jackson, Mississippi, just let me know cause I hear it’s a really cool place. Like you said yourself, if it is shaped like Marge Simpson’s head it has to be alright.

  5. oh yes. even if i just hang out in the airport with you for 8 hours. i wouldn’t miss time with my one and only fun faucet for anything.

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