enjoy your day.

8 thoughts on “enjoy your day.”

  1. This made ME tear up! How could they say it like that? And give you just one week? Grr…
    But then how great it is that someone cared! I know you’ll bounce back and land on your feet, and you’ll find another fun job to blog about.
    I hope my package gets to you in time. I don’t count on those fools forwarding your mail.

  2. oh, rachel… i’m so sorry. i know everything will be fine, but it just sucks that you have to deal with this. the situation sucks, but just the fact that you got to see such love from a fellow human being made the whole ordeal at least a little worth it. at least from an outsider’s perspective. people like that give me hope. i’m reading this at work and trying not to cry. seriously. thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I can not believe they did this to you. I am so sorry Rach. I want to fly to Australia and give you a big hug, and yell are your boses.
    I am praying for you and I know that you will find something great to go to next. Or you can come home and live with Robert and I…even though your parents are 30 minutes away but the offer is still there.

    Thank you little old man for taking care of my friend.

  4. oh rachel. i am sorry this has happened…it really sucks the way they told you. i’ll say a prayer for you. i know that bigger and better things await! i love you! you can always come stay in our guest bedroom. :). just one question…where will we send your package?? we have goodies for you!

  5. Just an idea… you could get deported. They would pay for your flight home, you could never go back to Australia but there are plenty of other places to visit.

    I am half way kidding and half way serious. It might work.

  6. you guys are seriously the best. the support is amazing… what i need. thank you THANK YOU.

    kate, i’ll get that package figured out… don’t you worry. i’m too excited about it, not to. your words are so encouraging.

    club dos, man… i wish we were club dosing right now. i miss you girls like crazy. you’re both so beautiful and comforting and i wish i had you to just sit and do nothing with… just know you’re there. thanks for everything. i know you’re there for me.

    casey, thank you for everything. i know we don’t talk all that much but thanks… and the music you send means more than you know… thanks…

  7. i’m a little late catching up on your blog….my heart was broken for you and your day. i would read about your life even if i had no idea who you were, rachel. no matter what is going on, you have such a gift for sharing it all, telling your story. i miss you and love you and thought about you today while eating sour patch kids. xoxo

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