[love it.]

5 thoughts on “[love it.]”

  1. OKay, embeding this for multiple reasons:

    1) Have you heard this song?
    2) Have you seen this choreographer?
    a) I think that she knows what dance is about. And I love love this song
    3) this is one of the “love myself the most” moments. Sadly Emily Shock is not a teacher of mine. But I dance like this in my room when I need a therapy session.

  2. “dark, Gothic Neil Diamond.”

    I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall tonight, mainly because you said it was one of your favorites.

    and I howled.


  3. kate: impressive. i can only do “do-what-ya-body-tells-ya” dancing and, let me tell you, it isn’t pretty. i hope you’re keeping it up! as i remember, you are quite the amazing dancer.

    js: “that’s like, exactly what i’m going for.” YES! i’m so glad you liked it! i swear it gets funnier with each watch. i never thought i’d like it so much, but i LOVE it and quote it all the time.

    “oh, the weather outside is weather.”

    momma: thanks! i have good genes.

  4. The piece you commissioned for her to do for Nic was pretty much the coolest thing I have seen in a while.

    While I don’t know her, I’d commission her to paint my kid’s room (well, you know… given a lot of eventualities).

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