let’s build a spaceship.

5 thoughts on “let’s build a spaceship.”

  1. holla!

    nate the great & i like to car dance, too. he especially likes jay-z track on a certain mix cd that some real cool gurl made me. and calls it the “scary song,” because he was being a brat and letting me dance like a fool all by myself in the car, so i told him it was a song about monsters. now he always dances with me.

  2. Ah, Joanna Newsome! Do you have the album? If not I can send it to you.
    Sophie and I jam out a lot. She frequently says “Want I to tap/stomp dance?” which means I have to get off of the couch and do some amazing percussive footwork. It’s more fun to watch her version though.

  3. dabz: omg, you made me laugh out loud. “scary song”?? PRECIOUS.

    kate: i, as a matter of fact, do not have that album. do you love it?? send it over!

    both: kids dance parties = THE BEST.

  4. oops. Found it on facebook. Maybe I’m not as sneaky/detective-like as I hoped. Sad day.
    Dancing with kids makes me feel better…because every single thing I do is stinkin’ hilarious!

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