the size of bananas!

2 thoughts on “the size of bananas!”

  1. Recently I went to the Texas Storytelling Festival – alone – and during the break for the Talespinner Dinner (which I should have attended but I was being cheap) I drove around Denton to find a random place to eat. I ended up choosing “El Mariachi” or something. When I got there, the host made his friendly joking ‘really? just one? oh so sorry!” and I explained that I was on break from the festival, and he sat me in a nice big booth. I ordered enchiladas and thought briefly (as I always do in dining-alone situations) about looking anxiously at the door often, checking my watch/phone, and other “I’m waiting for someone but obviously was stood up” behavior just to see what happened, but I chickened out.
    Anyway…eating alone can be entertaining if you try to toy with the people who are supposedly watching you.
    And if you ever go to El Mariachi in Denton, I recommend the three chicken enchiladas with sour cream sauce.

  2. You should go back to that restraunt and tell them you will be dining alone, but tell everyone you know to meet you there. So when they show up it just looks like you are the most popular person ever! And get someone to ask you for an autograph, then they will think you are some famous American.

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