oh captain, my captain.

4 thoughts on “oh captain, my captain.”

  1. I saw Dan last week, crossing the street near my house. I was in my car driving, it is the dead of off-season and there were few people on the road, so I slow down, roll down the window and shout, “Hey, Dan, congrats on El Cap!”
    He looks at me a little sheepishly and uncomfortable, and has to shout to explain, “Thanks, but we didn’t make it.”
    I felt like a dumbass.
    We chalked it up to this here blahg.

  2. haha… oh man. i am a jerk.

    yeah, but what was i supposed to do? another post on their defeat? that would make ’em feel greeeeat.

    i did learn my lesson. no more good luck posts. only congrats posts from here on out.

    i do apologize, js.

  3. you have to wish people good luck! without that they will surely perish.
    it was quite funny, the run-in with Dan. at least I thought it was.

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