the lips that press back.

8 thoughts on “the lips that press back.”

  1. Patty is my go to as well. She knows me better than almost anyone.

    “Everywhere is somewhere
    And nowhere is near
    Everybody got somebody
    With their wine and their beer
    So I’m just this tragic figure
    In the corner over here
    With an empty apartment
    And a best friend who is queer”

    (this was an incredibly realistic telling of my life for a while. Although we didnt know he was gay at the time.

    “I need Moses
    To cross this sea of loneliness,
    Part this red river of pain”

    Amen sister

  2. casey and/or sheena,

    do you have his book, “ballistics”? you should…


    you are wonderful.


    a] i laughed out loud and clapped when i read, “although we didn’t know he was gay at the time.”

    b] i love that you love patty… i think of you a lot when i listen to her.

    c] gosh, how many times have i written,

    “how the sky turns to fire
    against the telephone wire
    and even i’m getting tired
    or useless desires”

    in my journal? wow.

    d] don’t worry though, i’m not making pies.

    mary susan,

    ugh. we are soulmates. [you and i].


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