in the dark… on purpose.

7 thoughts on “in the dark… on purpose.”

  1. i really like kate winslet, too. and the reader was a good movie, slow and depressing, but good. we can agree on that one. finally.

    and i can’t wait for my t-shirt!


  2. Tshirt! Woo! I can’t wait. Google usually goes “dark” on Earth Day too. is a good search engine you can use from time to time to save energy too. It’s not as cool as Google actually is, but it’s a good google powered search engine.

  3. pllleeeeaaseee… you make cool stuff and especially cool tshirts. i know from experience. and i am a faithful reader. everyday. before i even check email. (after facebook though, sorry, the addiction).

  4. casey: i’m psyched we finally agreed on a movie again… maybe it was just a phase.

    bobs: way to be… seriously.

    abs: ha… i don’t even know who the “subscribers” are… but Google Reader tells me i have 10 [my favorite number… twice as good as your favorite number]. anywho, i seriously want to make shirts [of what, i have NO clue… but i have an itch] and you’ll definitely be in on them.

  5. i read your blog everyday, does google reader tell you that!

    I saw a commercial on the discovery channel about this and it made me excited. But i didnt know they have done it before.

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