holler, holler, holler.

10 thoughts on “holler, holler, holler.”

  1. i was with you for this whole post until you said you weren’t going to read the book. then i was just like “oh, give me a break!” i really hope someone writes a mocking version of this blog post. i will not read it.

  2. I would like to go back to Rachels comment on how she did not like the fact the Pattons post comments under a collective name, becuase we dont know specifically who it is. In this case how ever it is quite obvious it is Casey.
    I wouldnt want to read about a guys who tries to get over a girl by drinking and F**cking either. “Another extremly unoriginal tale a lonely guy, trying to find his way through life.”
    I believe to make both these book more interesting the two authors should switch titles and then write about thier tales. A woman who eat drinks and f**cks, and a guy who prays and eats and does whatever the third verb is. That would be original.

  3. 1. it’s quite obvious? why? because i’m so awesome? thanks.

    2. i think sheena’s started to sign out and use “sheena” when she posts. at least when she remembers.

    3. i would never read either of these books.

  4. casey, you should read Eat, Pray, Love… you’d love it… it’ll change your life.

    yeah, i do need to read Drink, Play, F@#K… especially cuz i talk so much smack about it’s rival. fine, i’ll put it on my to-read list… but i’m not buying it new… that’s for sure.

  5. ha… it just means that i’m not going to pay full price for the book. i’ll buy it used [amazon or used book shop] or i’ll have to borrow it from someone. i only buy new the books i think i’ll really, really like.

  6. hahahaha… i knew what you meant by not buying it new, dorksquad.
    i was saying i have no idea what my comment is supposed to mean.
    oh, this is just silly… the internet and all.

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