these things that i want.

8 thoughts on “these things that i want.”

  1. absolutely. man, if i still worked at the paper, i’d come in every morning rocking a different pantone on my feet AND holding my coffee. it would be lovely… until i realized i was still working at the paper.

  2. why, no i haven’t! they will be next on my google search.

    p.s. you are infamous around the umhb parts… i’ve heard of you but i’m pretty sure we never met… hrmmm…

  3. thank you so much for finding such wonderful culture and sharing it. i can’t convey to you how much i appreciate your great taste. so you’ve now been called fit and strong by aussies. doesn’t sound like you’ve been eating too many crumpets (what a great word) at all.

  4. SUCH a great word. sometimes i roll up a crumpet and make a “bu-bu-buuuu!” sound out of it and then look at sienna and say, “it’s a crumpet trumpet!”

    …she is never amused.

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