you are a very fit mom!

3 thoughts on “you are a very fit mom!”

  1. we have those gross looking little cakes at my local grocery store… maybe i’ll try them now just to connect w you.

  2. I have a baby in my belly. The baby you nanny for is cute but not near as cute as the on in my belly…ok maybe she is cutier now, but when Dylan is born then he will be cutier.

    ps. he kicks me a lot now, but he likes it when i dance.

  3. My guess is that she said that because she has never in her life seen such a flat tummy on a woman who’s been pregnant, certainly not a mere nine months previously. In other words, mother or not, you look amazing! (So there. Just DON’T feel you have to give up crumpets, mmmmm….) Which we have here in Canada, too, and which I LOVE, though I’ve only ever had mine with butter.

    Lots and lots and lots of butter.

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