4 thoughts on “SYD CRIBS.”

  1. Clearly you have everything. But, if you did need some more material happiness, what would it look like, and is it across-the-world sendable?

  2. the only reason you’d need an xbox in your mercedes would be if you couldn’t drive it yet, which lil romeo can not. i think your crib trumps his big time. especially with all those classy wall hangings!

    (you got a real cute baby. )

    (hope you’re having an awesome non-vincent oz time!)

  3. (ps. you forgot to say “and this is where all the magic happens” when you showed your bed. what’s up with that?)

  4. dabz, how did i forget that?! oh man… fail.

    and whales, i really cannot think of what happiness would look like if sent over here… i get excited about ANYTHING… seriously.

    …especially if “anything” = sour patch kids.

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