well… you still look strong.

Sitting at a random café, with my head in a computer, is not an uncommon scene. But it is usually blatantly obvious that I am alone. Like the other day, when I was asked to move from a big table to a small table, so that a party of four could sit where I had made a workspace.

– Oh, yeah, no… That’s fine. Yeah, I’m alone… Yeah, no, you guys obviously have friends that you want to converse with… Yeah, no, not me… Yeah, it’s cool.

But yesterday morning I was only alone for a little bit before a ray of hilarity/preciousness was brought into my life…

– Hi, is anyone sitting here?

I was at a table for four [again, you would think that I’d learn], when this little blond girl approached me and asked if anyone was sitting in the booth seat next to me.

– Uhh… Nope. Do you want to?

– Yes. My mommy and me are gonna sit with you. I’ll sit here now; she’s in line.

Awesome. Through the conversation I had with this little girl, I first found out she was four, my FAVORITE age of kids. The most hilarious age…

– Did you see my blanket and my puppy?

– Oh, wow. Cool. What’s your puppy’s name?

– [thinking hard and then…] Pup-Pup-Puppy!

– That is a great name. What’s your name?

– Ba-Ba-Bethany! …Well, that’s my first name.

Glad she clarified.

– Well, what’s your middle name?

She looks at me very confused and then just gets up from the table with no warning or explanation and walks over to her mom. I cannot help but giggle. She asks her mom something [what, I just cannot imagine] and returns to the table.

– Isabelle.

Then there was some more small talk but eventually I’m back to my computer, typing away on gchats. But the silence is soon broken by Bethany…

– I’ve always been from Australia.

– Really? See, I’m from America.

[her eyes get huge with wonder.]

– Yep, but now I’m here. It’s a lot like America here… only it’s hotter.

– Do you know what is the hottest HOTTEST country EVER??

– Ummm… No. I don’t know… What is?


Wait a second… Oh, I’ll let it slide.

Bethany’s mom finally brought their breakfast over and sat caddy-cornered to me while the two dove into their pancakes. But just because breakfast had arrived, it did not mean Bethany was done chatting with me…

– Did you already have breakfast?

– Yeah. I had a chocolate donut.

– [look of grave concern.] Rachel, you really should not eat chocolate donuts for breakfast.

– [laughing.] Oh, I know. I usually don’t.

The funniest part of this whole thing [for me] is that it has literally been about a year since I’ve eaten a donut for breakfast. I really don’t like donuts all that much, but this morning I thought I’d give ’em another shot.

– Rachel, donuts are bad for you. I’m eating a healthier breakfast.

– I should’ve eaten a healthier breakfast.

– Well… You still look strong.

YES! This little girl just became my favorite ever. All because she just called me [Rachel Stevens – the girl who has serious problems opening jars and has been deemed “Gangles” by most of her friends] “strong”.

– Well, thank you Bethany. I try.

I’m all smiles as I go back to give my computer some love for about five minutes before I see Bethany go over to her mom’s side of the table and whisper something in her mom’s ear. When she sees me seeing her, she gets embarrassed and stops whispering. Her mom notices me and then tells me…

– Bethany thinks that next time you come here, you shouldn’t order a donut for breakfast.

Oh man, I have never laughably regretted eating a donut so badly in my life.

Bethany and I talked about donuts and life a little bit more before her mom gave her the signal and Bethany told me…

– I have to go to ballet; Mom’s always late.

– …Well have fun at ballet. It was nice talking to you Bethany. Take care of Pup-Pup-Puppy.

And just as quickly as she had entered, the precious/fabulous Bethany left my life.

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