oh, for crying out loud.

Friday morning, I sat in my favorite coffee shop, which happens to be a florist as well.  With Valentine’s being the next day, the place was FILLED with flowers!  It was crazy/beautiful.  And it was just about the sweetest thing to see people coming in to buy bouquets.  I left the coffee shop smiling real big and wishing just a little bit that I had a loved one around to celebrate love with on Valentine’s.

When I arrived home there was not one, not two… but THREE packages for me on the front door step!  I was so excited, I ran inside and threw my shoes off in different directions and found out later that I left the keys in the door… after looking for them for about a half hour.

I stacked the packages in size and thought hard before opening them.  I decided to open the one from my parents first.  And this is the part where I experience an emotion I’ve never felt before.  I’ve lived on this earth for 23 years and never felt what went through me at that moment…

Tears started streaming down my face as I looked into the Valentine’s package with cards, hearts and boxes of candies.  I just can’t get over how awesome and sweet my mother is… but then I opened one bag in the package and it was mom’s famous heart sugar cookies on popcicle sticks* and I started BAWLING.  I literally was standing in the kitchen with my face in my hands, crying.  I was so thankful and overcome with love that I was crying!  Which is so weird for me!  Shouldn’t I have been smiling?  Jumping up and down??  But no, crying my eyes out.

Then I opened a package from my Jackson Hole friend, Dabney, and I lost it again.  I don’t understand how one person can be so cool.  She sent the most hilarious wall decorations* I have ever seen and they. are. awesome.  She also sent me a dinosaur t-shirt*… yep… seriously.  I threw the shirt I was wearing at the moment off and immediately put on my new dino shirt.  It’s way too short but I will wear it on the regular, regardless.  I wore it all day Friday.  I continued crying as I went deeper into the package to see pictures and books and just pure awesomeness.

Then to a package from another Jackson Hole love.  Nic saved Valentine’s for me last year.  After I was more or less stood up, Nic invited me over for Annie’s Mac and Cheese and some good music and a selected viewing of Varsity Blues.  He proved to be an amazing friend and did so again this year.  My favorite part was the Valentine press-on nails that came in a set of 12*… I kid you not.  And, he also gave me a tool thinger for makin my own lemonade… because they don’t have lemonade here.  This made me cry more… because I love lemonade.  There were more and more treasures that made me laugh, cry but mainly just feel love.

Through the whole thing I just kept crying out loud and then laughing at myself because I was being so ridiculous.

It was such a bizarre feeling to be crying so hard because of love.  Later in the day, I just sat and became real confused about why I was crying over opening packages.   Maybe that’s why I’m writing a blog post about it… still so confused.

*there should be pictures… that would make this definitely more interesting… but i’m pretty sure i have strep throat or something of the like… so there’s not much movement happening besides typing.  ugh.

3 thoughts on “oh, for crying out loud.”

  1. hey rachel! i really like reading your blog. i know i’m probably one of those creepers who you don’t really mean to read your blog but they do anyway and you’re like “that’s weird, i really wish that person wouldn’t comment on my page and be so weird” and then you think gah doesn’t she have a life?
    well i will answer that question for you, yes i do. but i read it anyway. 🙂
    and i have to comment on this particular blog (or i would never reveal myself to be this creepy creeperton who reads your blog) to tell you that i have an autographed copy of varsity blues sitting on my dvd shelf right now. and who is that autograph from? THE miss Rachel Stevens. incredible.

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