[it’s science].

Tonight I went and saw Milk in an amazing, old theater in the Newtown part of the city [a very trendy spot].  The cinema sold beer and wine and ice cream cones.  I sat as the theater went dark, with both hands holding my ice cream cone and my IPA in the cup holder beside me.  That instant was so exciting for me that I actually had to smile real big and put my shoulders up to contain my excitement without giggling out-loud… I can’t explain it; this happens to me every once in a while.

The movie was sold out, and for good reason.  It was a gorgeous film that I absolutely loved.  I think that everyone should see Milk. It is truly a message of hope, a theme that had the audacity to become quite popular in today’s world.  I won’t submerge into my opinion on the importance of your viewing this film, just know that I do recommend it to you.  I also very much enjoyed the clothes in the movie:


When a movie is sold out in Newtown, it means every seat.  So no one even knew that I was there by myself!  Well except for the two people sitting on either side of me… and I think they knew all too well.  I cried a lot in the movie.  [I cry a lot in many movies.]  I just found it incredibly inspiring and heart-pulling… aka: a lot of tears.   So then I turned into the girl who sees movies by herself, cries through the last third of it and forgets her tissues.  I think it was quite awkward for the people sitting next to me.  Oh well.

Why does your nose run when you cry?  All fluid must be frozen in your face.  And when your heart gets all riled up inside your chest, it warms… and the heat must rise [it’s science] to your face and melt the glaciers of tears and snot.  Thus releasing waterfalls that can gush at varying levels, but always revealing the renewal of spring.

1 thought on “[it’s science].”

  1. whoa, whoa, whoaaa…. You’re shoulders move to indicate your emotions?

    Back the eff up. Is this Rachel? Rachel Stevens?

    And don’t worry. Drinking AND eating ice cream while watching a movie cancels the loneliness.

    I’m the guy who goes alone to movies and sits under the can light. That way everyone has to be confronted by the fact that you are there alone. Just don’t reach your hand into my popcorn tub.

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