05: Diversity Included

I’m trying to fit in in Seattle and trying to navigate diversity. So I reached out to professionals. Thank you Emily Affolter and Kaitlyn He for the insightful conversations about diversity and inclusion in our world today. Listen to this episode on iTunes or Libsyn. Always striving. Thanks for being here.   photo by:Ryan Wilson Continue reading 05: Diversity Included

04: March Whyness

At Seattle’s March For Our Lives on March 24, 2018, I asked a couple dozen people why they were marching. In turn, it helped me figure out why I march. Listen on Libsyn, iTunes, or Stitcher. Though this episode is from months ago, it’s a topic I see and hear on the news almost every. … Continue reading 04: March Whyness

03: Mr. Marfa Shuffle

This episode has been on iTunes and the like for weeks, but I want to make sure I keep up on this here blahg. I hope you’re listening along to the Wull Hay Podcasts! If you have any feedback, you probably know where to reach me. This episode is a vignette of Marfa, Texas and … Continue reading 03: Mr. Marfa Shuffle

02: For the Love

Still figuring out what a podcast looks like on this here blahg. It’s not pretty right now and I get that. I’ll put in the work to fix that at a later time. But there’s a new episode! Can’t embed on this WordPress site anymore, so here are some links where you can listen: Stitcher. … Continue reading 02: For the Love