these hands.

Evan and I married on August 14th in a ceremony that was quickly planned and hilariously/perfectly executed.

I keep looking back and telling Evan, “Oh, we should’ve done this!” “Oh, why didn’t we do this?!”

When in reality, we were up at 5am biking to our favorite lake and then didn’t fall asleep until 3am after dancing hard with some of our favorite people. We did it all and Evan kept assuring me that we did it all, that it was perfect, but I kept Monday morning quarterbacking.

Until I was going through the maybe nine photos I took myself that day and found this one…


This photo was taken around 6:30am, right after sunrise. It was just us. Biking on a beautiful path. Evan and me. We picked a bit of sage for my make-shift bouquet and Evan tied it together with grass. It was so sweet. So perfect. This moment. These hands. This love.

I feel blessed and grateful for these hands, this man, this love, and the fact that I was able to tie my life to his… and that he wanted to tie his to mine! Yes! My husband!

It was all so perfect.

No more “oh, should’ve”s.

Only gratefulness.


quittin’ time.

I gave up on my project “July Today.” Yep. It was mid-July and my friends were in town for about twenty minutes and I knew I wasn’t going to keep doing it. And I’m not sorry. I feel a little bit sad in my heart, but I’m not sorry.

Fast forward a week and a half. Some dear friends are in town and wanted some pictures of their family. Naively, I said, “Of course! I can take family portraits!”

It is comically hard to take photos of children. I’m sure you all know this. I know little to nothing about the real world.

It was a lovely Montana night and Emma + Trask + the girls were beautiful subjects, but I didn’t seem to get the Christmas card capture…




I did find some beautiful times between this sisters. Their dad singing “We can dance if we want to…” behind me over and over. Hilarious. Amazing.



But my favorite photos came when the shoot was over. The girls were promised popsicles at the end of it all and they immediately cashed in. As soon as they were free, they stripped their clothes off and tore open their treats. I laughed and told Emma, “You can’t blame them. I do the same exact thing at 5 o’clock every day.”



They were the epitome of quitting time. Phew… Rough day.

Good days. Good summer days.

[oh, summer don’t leave us!]

Also, can’t stop listening to this:

Thanks, Ashely!